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Seasons Greetings from PA.See important Announcement and respond.RAJIV GANDHI PRUODYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAYA-NEWS LETTER (About Planet Aerospace 3 day work shop conducted during March 2020 ).Click on the scrolling text ..The Fourth Annual General Body Meeting held on 29th Nov 2020 through web meet . One Day Workshop on Nano Satellite Technology was conducted by PA on 28th September 2019 in BMS College of Engineering,Bengaluru. News letter releases covers salient details of activities carried out


( Registered : DRB/SOR/43116-17)

Planet Aerospace is an association of experts in the field of Space Science and Technology, who are on a mission to prepare next generation of Space Scientists and Engineers to take up the challenge of developing new and innovative technologies in the Aerospace arena.

The experts are former Space Scientists/ Engineers/ Administrators with vast experience of working in various areas of Space Technology and had played a key role in ISRO reaching the pinnacle of success having very rich hands on experience of working in various Aerospace Technology areas.

Kind Attention: The Fourth Annual General Body Meeting conducted as per agenda circulated on 29th Nov 2020,1000hrs -1230 hrs through google web meet. Around 40 life members participated with fruitful deliberations


Planet Aerospace has published a book on Nano satellite Technology authored by former ISRO Scientists. It is available through Notion Press, AMAZON,Flipkart and so on.

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To be a globally competitive consulting firm in Space Technology and Applications to support all Industries,Academic Institutions and Research Organisations,who have an urge to contribute in Space Exploration and Voyages for the benefit of human race......

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