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40 years of distinguished service in Space technology covering System Engineering, Program Management, Commercialization (Marketing and Business development) and Space Technology applications including Telemedicine /e Health, Quality Assurance and Reliability for Spacecraft Systems.

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M.Venkata Rao


Over 30 years of experience in Earth Remote sensing Satellite Projects in ISRO.As Project Director, led two teams to successfully launch and operationalize Oceansat & Resourcesat satellite Missions. Wide experience in system engineering as well as Project Management functions with excellent rapport and PR with colleagues and Senior Management of ISRO. Key areas – Electro-optical systems, Remote sensing,satellite technology, Project Management etc,



Served in ISRO over 31 years in Propulsion areas of space systems

Work experience -Research (10 years),Industry (31 years),Teaching (9 years)

Area of Specialisation: Development of aircraft propulsion engines and automotive turbochargers



36 years and five months (1973 - 2010) of illustrious contributions (From India’s first satellite Aryabhata to Chandrayaan-1,First ISRO mission to Moon) in Aerospace structures and spacecraft systems project management with varied career experience in theoretical structural analysis, experimental stress analysis, establishment of static load test facility, Qualification testing of spacecraft structures of all classes, Projects planning, scheduling and monitoring in multi projects environment, Systems Engineering in ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru.

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B.R.Ananda Murthy


39 years of distinguished service in structural testing,Experimental Stress Analysis,Structural fabrication,System Engineering,Project Management and so on for spacecraft.


Internal Financial Advisor(IFA)

Mr.K.Velaudhan joined APPLE Project Core Team as a Stenographer from the day it started functioning from ISSP in January 1977 and supporting the Project Director and core team in all respects of administration, procurements / purchase procedures,local and overseas travel and so on. He was very actively involved in the preparation of Apple Project Report to be cleared by the Cabinet.
He had handled many situations effectively on a proactive basis for deputations for officials on foreign tour within a short notice with all formalities involved,despite all odds interms of communication through STDs ,no computer facilities for generating documents etc.
After completion of APPLE Projected,he moved to Financial/Accounts Area,staring position as Lower Division Clerk and progressed through timely promotions as Accounts officer to Sr Head,Accounts/IFA ,highest position for any administrative person to reach and superannuated in that grade during 2016.
He has an overall experience in Administration,Purchase and Accounts over 38 years.

R.K Rajangam


Thirty-Six years of experience in design and engineering of electronics systems for satellites. Work includes conceptual design, feasibility studies, specifying equipment, technical evaluation of vendor proposals and documents, preparation of engineering standards, job specifications and technology development and satellite engineering management.

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More than three decades of experience in Space Technology and its applications right from India’s first satellite ARYABHATA. He started his career in Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) with Rocket Payload experiment onboard Centaur and Nike Appache rockets. His areas of specilisation includes Assembly,Integration & Testing (AIT) of spacecraft, Spacecraft Configuration & Management, System Engineering, Subsystem and system level tests, Project Management, Vendor evaluation in AIT systems and infrastructure.



Dr. S.Rangarajan is a satellite industry veteran with 40+ years of experience in successive leadership roles in the public and private sectors. He held important executive positions in ISRO and has contributed significantly in system studies and design, mission planning, satellite control and anomaly resolution.

As a Senior Vice President in WorldSpace Dr. Rangarajan successfully adapted the satellite radio infrastructure to design diverse solutions for data multicasting, distance education and early warning delivery post 2004 tsunami. As the CTO of Yazmi USA LLC, he created the first-ever tablet with an integrated satellite reception for uniform and ubiquitous education delivery.

His education includes a Ph.D. from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and Masters from IIT, Madras.

Ranganath S Ekkundi


Graduated in Engineering B.E. (E) with Electronics as specialization in 1976 and joined ISRO Satellite Centre ISAC (now renamed as U R Rao Satellite Centre), Bangalore in 1977. Made significant contributions in the area of Spacecraft Power Systems. Played a key role in the development of Power Systems for the first Indian telecommunication satellite APPLE and first Indian remote sensing satellite IRS 1A Major contribution is in the evolution of Power System Configuration for INSATs and GSATs which are Indian Geostationary Communication Satellites and had a lead role in concept through successful in orbit performance of Power Systems of CHANDRAYAAN & MARS ORBITER MISSION. Held various positions as Project Manager, Deputy Project Director and Associate Project Director for various projects of ISRO and served as Group Director (Power Systems Group) and as Outstanding Scientist and Deputy Director (Communications & Power Area) in ISAC. Further on also functioned as Prof Satish Dhawan Scientist at ISAC Conferred with ASI (Astronautical Society of India) Award for Spacecraft and Related Technologies for the year 2008 and ISRO MERIT AWARD for the year 2012. Published 12 technical papers on the topics of power systems and power electronics

S Parameswaran


36 years in Space related fields and super annuated as Director, Master Control Facility, ISRO. His areas of contributions are Satellite design, testing, mission operations,Space commercial aspects.His current interests are in advancements in Space based systems, Signal Processing systems

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