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Support from Us:

To Start up Industries in Space Sectors
Educational Institutions

Besides in-house expertise, Planet Aerospace will collaborate with various Industries to garner support for infrastructural requirements like manufacturing, assembly and testing, on need basis.

Planet Aerospace is also into memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with various leading Aerospace Agencies/ organizations/Universities/Colleges and several industries to support / supplement in activities undertaken by them, in line with PA expertise. Large project management is the key strength of Planet Aerospace experts in handling and executing complex /challenging Aerospace Projects.

Planet Aerospace views every assignment more as a collaborative technical challenge rather than a business venture. Planet Aerospace experts nurture best of quality practices imbibed from the Space Quality Assurance Program

Planet Aerospace is well equipped to offer consultancy services in the following domains:

1. Spacecraft systems and components 2. Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Testing 3. Launch phase support and mission management 4. Mission planning and analysis 5. Earth station for spacecraft control and data handling 6. Electro-optics and inertial sensors 7. Advanced materials 8. Quality assurance and process control 9. Space applications 10. Project management 11. Technical documentation & Review 12. Administrative and Financial services

Our objectives/Services:

1. Training of personnel in Aerospace Engineering and management of Aerospace Projects 2. Mentoring Universities/Educational Institutes in Design and development of small satellites 3. Help in establishing satellite control Earth Stations and tracking of Satellites 4. Product Assurance and Test & Evaluation of Aerospace Systems and Certification 5. Conduct training courses in Space Technology, Satellite Systems, Mission Analysis & Operations 6. Evaluation of Project proposals and contribute to design reviews 7. Reliability analysis of satellite sub-systems 8. Expert advice on selection of Space grade materials and EEE components 9. Third party evaluation of vendors, products and Certification

Training programme packages-Educational Institutions (can be tailored)

space1x1 (1K)